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We help seniors achieve what's left on their bucket list,
and inspire seniors to reach for their dreams!
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Stanley Malmon, 89 (Skydiving)


Fred Davis, 70 (Skydiving)


Louise Spencer, 92 (Truck Driving)

Prem Kishore, 75 (Amtrak)


Mariano Altieri, 79 – A Blind man drives for the first time!


Monica Brown, 75 (Race Car Driving)


Yolanda Hodges, 61 (Skydiving)


Family Reunion at 12,500 Feet


John McDonald, Age 91 (Parasailing)


Trudie Zimmerman, Age 99 (Nurse For A Day)


Edna Baldwin, Age 91 (Race Car Driving)


Estelle Eisenberg, Age 90 (Skydiving)

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